Brad Avakian Endorses Alex Hamalian for Judge

April 23rd 2018 for Immediate Release
Information provided by the Committee to Elect Alex Hamalian.

Press Contact: Alex Hamalian (Candidate) 503-313-6522

Brad Avakian Endorses Alex Hamalian for Judge

Today Oregon Labor Commissioner Brad Avakian formally endorsed Alex Hamailian in his candidacy for Multnomah County Circuit Court Judge - District 4 Position 37.

“I would like to offer my full support for Alex Hamalian for Judge. In the years that I have known him I have found him to be hard working, have a strong sense of fairness, and respect for people from all walks of life.

I think he would make an excellent addition to the bench and I encourage the voters of Multnomah County to give Alex Hamalian their support too!"

To celebrate the endorsement and the birth of Alex and Katie's first child this past week a get-together shall be held and members of the press are encouraged to attend and cover this important election.

Celebration for Alex for Judge and the birth of baby Evangelina
Katie and Alex's first child born Tuesday April 17th at 8.3 lbs

Friday April 27th 5:30pm - 7:30pm
At the pub “Wurst” , 724 E Burnside St, Portland, OR 97214
Complimentary Wine, Beer, and Hors d'oeuvres provided
Featuring live music from Tony Green and Friends

As Judge Alex will:

  • Show respect for all persons in the court regardless of their economic, social or immigrant status.
  • Work hard to establish policies for a meaningful Veterans Court in Multnomah County with the resources to honorably serve those soldiers should they enter the courtroom.
  • Promote policies to expand DISP - The DUII Intensive Supervision Program to make our roads safer.


Alex Hamalian has declared his candidacy

Dear __________________________

Below is a press release for recently declared candidate for judge Alex Hamalian. Alex would like to also speak with you personally if you are available. Perhaps for an editorial interview. If possible could you please call him top schedule a time for coffee or lunch. He is usually available in the early morning, lunch, and after court concludes at 5pm.

You can contact Alex at 503-313-6522 or to schedule a meeting or for any other questions you may have.

Thank you.


March 22nd 2018 for Immediate Release

Press Contact: Alex Hamalian (Candidate) 503-313-6522

Alex Hamalian has declared his candidacy for Multnomah County Circuit Court Judge - District 4 Position 37.

"I would like to introduce Alex Hamalian, The Hardest Working Trial Attorney In Oregon"
- Alexander Bassos Fall 2010 (PSU Seminar) Adjunct Law Professor Lewis & Clark Law

If elected Alex Hamalian will be first Armenian-American Judge in the State of Oregon.

Alex was raised in a working class Armenian immigrant family. Alex's father, Avadis "Howard" Hamalian is a first generation American who had to leave school in the sixth grade in order to support his family after the untimely death of his own father.

When he was only 16 years old, Avadis Hamalian lied about his age in order to enlist in the Navy during World War II. He experienced combat in both the Atlantic (at Normandy) and Pacific Theaters of war. Alex's mother, Colette Hamalian, immigrated to the United States and worked as a seamstress in the sweatshops of New York and New Jersey before meeting her husband after he was discharged from the Navy and returned home.

Growing up, The Hamalian Brothers were obsessed with cars and music. Their parents encouraged these activities, but made it known that their greatest dream was for their children to get the education that was out of their grasp. Through hard work, determination, and a belief in the American Dream, Alex and his brother Marc have fulfilled their parents greatest wishes, and are the first generation of Hamalian's to ever complete college.

Alex graduated from Chico State in 1992 with Bachelor Degrees in both Political Science and Philosophy. After College Alex earned his Juris Doctorate from Lewis and Clark Law School in 1995 . Prior to returning to college Alex was trained as a machinist and had a career as an automotive machinist and mechanic for several years.

Many on the Multnomah bench struggle to understand and fail to adequately serve the underprivileged and underrepresented members of their community. Because Alex comes from just such a community, he is uniquely situated to succeed as a judge for ALL the citizens of Multnomah County, in particular members of the immigrant communities, the working poor and our Veterans.

In his nearly 25 years of public service Alex has been a founding member in the creation of the Multnomah County Circuit Court DUII Intensive Supervision Program (DISP) and The Oregon State Bar Modest Means Program, as well as the founding member of the longest serving public defender organization which provided indigent services for The East Multnomah County Courthouse.

As Circuit Court Judge Alex is committed to establishing an active United States Veterans Court

As with any successful program such as DISP, the ideal Therapeutic Veterans Court will:

  • Reduce criminal recidivism by providing assessment, education and treatment to drug / alcohol addicted Veterans in our criminal, quasi criminal and domestic judicial systems;
  • Monitor treatment compliance through frequent court contact and intensive supervision;
  • Require strict accountability from participants and impose a graduated system of rewards and interventions to encourage positive choices and behaviors.

In his legal career spanning nearly a quarter century Alex Hamalian has dedicated himself to serving the underrepresented citizens of Oregon. The working poor, the blue-collar middle class and immigrant families that make up a large portion of the Pacific Northwest. It is Alex's desire to serve with fairness and compassion the currently privileged and the future privileged as judge.

"For 20 years I witnessed Alex Hamalian tirelessly surrendered his evenings and weekends to coach The Franklin High School Mock Trial Teams. This wasn't done for money or prestige or praise but rather to give to the children of the poor and working class the knowledge and opportunity."
- James Dyal teacher Ret.


Additional Personal GREAT News!!!

Alex and Katie Hamalian are having a baby GIRL !!!!!

Little Evangelina is due to arrive on April 23rd right before voters receive their ballots. Alex plans to get as much campaigning as he can done before that magical day. Both Katie and Alex are excited to welcome Multnomah county's newest citizen!